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Halloween Masks - Our Top 10 for the 2011 season

For Halloween 2011, there are available yet again a huge number of new horror masks, so anyone looking to buy one can choose from a large variety of masks. In this article i have listed my personal favorites for this year. All masks that are shown are wearable and can of course be combined with any creepy halloween costume.


Horror masks for Halloween

What’s Halloween without horror masks? A halloween party seems incomplete with the absence of people wearing these freaky masks – it might make the event look like it’s just a plain costume party. It is said that the idea of wearing masks started during the ancient times, when Celts believe that on the night of Halloween, spirits and ghosts would rise from death and wander around. And since the primeval people are afraid that the lurking spirits would recognize that they are human, they thought of disguising through wearing masks and costumes.

Horror masks on YouTube

Trash videos seem to enjoy an ever increasing popularity on Youtube. An example that got a huge amount of views with just a horror mask and an absolutely pointless screenplay can be watched below.


Great example of horror mask made from latex

Recently, we stumbled upon a short video of a really good and reasonably priced realistic horror mask, showing a defaced or burned face with large scars. Using a mask like this makes it easy for the wearer to disturb or shock other persons for example during halloween, because it is not obvious that a mask is worn. A plus with those masks is, that they can be put on in just few seconds with no further make-up needed.


Halloween Masks - Our Top 15

Once again, Halloween is right around the corner. For some people, with halloween also comes the tough decision on what kind of halloween costume to wear. Often, scary Halloween masks are an answer to such worries. A high quality or exceptional Halloween mask can have a hugely positive influence on any halloween costume and is often a requirement for a vivid and notable halloween disguise. To aid you in a possible buying decision we have compiled a list of 15 horror halloween masks we think are well worth mentioning.

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