Halloween Masks – Our Top 15

Once again, Halloween is right around the corner. For some people, with halloween also comes the tough decision on what kind of halloween costume to wear. Often, scary Halloween masks are an answer to such worries. A high quality or exceptional Halloween mask can have a hugely positive influence on any halloween costume and is often a requirement for a vivid and notable halloween disguise. To aid you in a possible buying decision we have compiled a list of 15 horror halloween masks we think are well worth mentioning.

mascara de miedo

15. The ‘Medico Della Peste’, also known as the plague doctor in medieval Venice, is a spooky relict from the past. Nevertheless it is also suited to spread fear in todays world. The appropriate mask achieves our place 15 of the top 15 halloween masks.

korkutucu maske

14. The werevolf mask is a halloween classic, with the beast featuring a scary wide open mouth.

grozljivo masko

13. The frightening details and the rotten appearance of the mask ‘Tomb Guardian’ are nothing for the weak, we like it.

maschera michael myers

12. Michael Myers masks have suceeded in gaining cult status. Rob Zombie, the famed expert of mask creation, has once again achieved to excel himself with this mask.

halloween naamio

11. The design of the terrifying ogre mask can be argued about, as this is always a matter of taste. One might agree though that the mask is pretty spooky.

exorcist mask

10. You probably wouldn’t be able to win a beauty contest with this zombie mask. On the other hand, the probability of winning a halloween costume contest with this handsome mask are much better.

halloween masker

09. The idea behind the parasite demon mask seems to be innovativ. The eerie piece of art is a somewhat shocking mask that can be worn as well as used as a prop.

zombie maske

08. The undead swamp zombie is a brilliant horror mask indeed and well worth to be on the 8th place. You will surely find some old clothing that goes well with this mask to complete a truly unique costume.

scarface horror mask

07. Placed number 7 is a horror mask that is realistic enough that anyone looking at it won’t notice it’s a mask in the first place. The mask also provides the wearer with a kind of a second skin. The mask is made from flexible foam latex; a material that is otherwise also used in the movie industry very often.

pennywise clown

06. This horror clown mask seems like the abysmal evil and might have been inspired by a well known horror novel. Very well suited for scaring little children.

maschera freddy

05. The freddy mask is very popular choice amongst halloween enthusiasts. If worn to a suiting costume, you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

masque zombie clown

04. The zombie clown mask doesn’t fail to impress with the absolutely nasty facial expression and the deep flesh wounds in the impressively painted face of the clown.

mascara de terror

03. One of this years most scaring mask must surely be the ‘bonecruncher’, a large skull with huge fangs and frightening yellow eyes that will curdle one’s blood for sure.

maschera saw puppet

02. The creepy SAW puppet mask is surely a classic in the history of horror movies. Based on the high degree of popularity these kind of masks are sure to be a highlight of any halloween party. Best completed with a ‘Tuxedo’ and white gloves.

masque horreur

01. This year, our favourite mask has to be the ‘bonehead demon’ mask. The reason for this choice was the really creativ design and exceptional painting of this mask.

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