Haunted House Attractions

What more there is to look forward when the 31st of October comes? Not just the ‘trick or treat’ or the much-awaited Halloween party – but also the thought that it’s the time of the year to be creative once again and have fun. Halloween has become the second most celebrated holiday, next to Christmas. And just like the Christmas decorations, Halloween also has its own. If Christmas has Santa Claus, elves, snowman, colorful lights, well, Halloween has pumpkins, bats, special effects, dark lights, and the ever popular haunted houses. Halloween is just a season to be creepy.

There are many known haunted house attractions. In US, the most consistently top rated haunted house is the Netherworld, which is noted for its movie-quality special effects and unique storyline and theme each year since it was established on 1997. The house layout, theme, special effects, lighting and the actors are a class of its own, but see for yourself:

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