Horror masks essential for outstanding halloween costume

Halloween is one of the instances on which anyone is in need of a good costume, with scary horror masks often being a great choice and of great importance for the whole outfit. Usually, those masks can be either face masks, that cover only part of the head or masks surrounding the whole head. Both variants can make the difficult and time consuming application of makeup redundant. Ideally, the masks got to have opening for ones eyes, mouth and nose to make wearing them at least a bit comfortable, while concealing your identy and allowing you to personating some fictional creature. The choices therefore are nearly unlimited, examples are zombies, vampires, horror clowns, demons, werewolves, skulls, undeads and the like. Any kind of monster you can imagine seems to have been eternalized as mask by makeup artists. Prices and quality range from relatively low for mass produced masks from china to relatively high for handmade and handpainted masks created by small studios, that are otherwise quite often working for the film and theater industry. So, there is a wide array of masks to be found in several online stores which specialize in horror masks; two of the better ones are linked to on the left side.

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Jordu Schell – Excellent Sculptor and Mask-Maker

Want to know the man behind the character designs that were used in the most talked about movies such as Avatar, Hell Boy, Prince Caspian, DragonBall Evolution, Scary Movie 3, and The Mist? These are just some of the few well known movies where the American concept artist Jordu Schell laid his hands on. Being more than 20 years in the industry, Schell has already established a name in the film, television, and even in video games industry as a concept designer. He is an excellent sculptor – he works with clays to produce mask, maquettes, full-blown sculptures, creature designs, and prototypes that are mostly used for film concept design.

In 2005, he was asked by James Cameron, director of Avatar to be a part of the movie’s concept design team. He was tasked to create designs using 3D programs. But later on, feeling frustrated about the task, he decided to leave the project since his real forte is actual sculpture using clay. However, Cameron, being not satisfied with the work of the guy doing the 3D program, summoned Schell back to the project just a few months after he left. Cameron believed the 3D guy wasn’t capturing what he really wants so he agreed with Schell to do actual sculpture.
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Wearing of a mask not always advisable

masque horreur clown

Other countries, other customs. So, for example it is not advisable to move in public areas when wearing any kind of mask if you are older than 16 years, even during halloween. A fact a certain 18 year old guy named Matthew David Lopez from Tampa, Florida had to discover lately. For some unknown reason he decided to walk along a public road with friends while wearing a horror clown mask with a red orange wig. This got noticed by a police officer driving by, leading to the arrest of the mask wearing teenager. Actually, he didn’t stay long in prison and was released in the meantime for a bail of 750 Dollar, but that doesn’t change that fact that the USA seem to have some quite strange laws.
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Halloween Make-Up for Women

Revamping up for a Halloween party is one way of awakening creative juices. It’s a perfect time when people take extra effort to express themselves and impress other people. Of course, you don’t want to show up to a Halloween party dressed up like your normal casual self. You want to outstand, get noticed, and be admired, otherwise, you may want to just stay at home and sleep the night out.

So whether you’d go for wearing masks or using make-up, the key is your limitless imagination. Nothing restricts your creativity in this kind of event, you can be anything you want – scary, sexy, awkward, hilarious, or anything under the sun (or the dark). Should you choose to use make-up but you’re not really gifted with contouring your face, fret not! A little bit of research, practice, and creativity could help you get through.

To achieve a realistic look of your chosen character or creature, you might want to consider using theatrical make-up rather than the ordinary make-up for everyday use. Theatrical make-up is mostly used for stage plays since they need to put in heavy make-ups to accentuate their looks. It traces its roots back from a Greek actor named Thepsis, who is the first stage actor known to have painted his face using white lead and wine. With innovation, this has been continuously enhanced, thus the birth of theatrical make-ups.

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Haunted House in Elyria, Ohio

Halloween as such is extremely popular in the USA. Each year, on October the 31st, many americans dress up with creepy costumes and celebrate according to old traditions. Besides wearing costumes it is also very popular to decorate ones homes for halloween. In some families, halloween is the highlight of the year, which sometimes results in a family home remodeled into a haunted house. Rodger from Elyria, located in the US state of Ohio, is such an example. Rodgers home and front garden is equiped with many creepy installations during halloween. As can be seen in the pictures below, a lot of imagination and craftsmanship was invested into these halloween props. Rodger gets inspired by well known horror movies such as “Evil Dead” or “Night of the Living Dead”.

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