Halloween Make-Up for Women

Revamping up for a Halloween party is one way of awakening creative juices. It’s a perfect time when people take extra effort to express themselves and impress other people. Of course, you don’t want to show up to a Halloween party dressed up like your normal casual self. You want to outstand, get noticed, and be admired, otherwise, you may want to just stay at home and sleep the night out.

So whether you’d go for wearing masks or using make-up, the key is your limitless imagination. Nothing restricts your creativity in this kind of event, you can be anything you want – scary, sexy, awkward, hilarious, or anything under the sun (or the dark). Should you choose to use make-up but you’re not really gifted with contouring your face, fret not! A little bit of research, practice, and creativity could help you get through.

To achieve a realistic look of your chosen character or creature, you might want to consider using theatrical make-up rather than the ordinary make-up for everyday use. Theatrical make-up is mostly used for stage plays since they need to put in heavy make-ups to accentuate their looks. It traces its roots back from a Greek actor named Thepsis, who is the first stage actor known to have painted his face using white lead and wine. With innovation, this has been continuously enhanced, thus the birth of theatrical make-ups.

Aside from the performing arts, this kind of make-up is also being typically used during Halloween events. Remember that the purpose of dressing for a Halloween is to be ‘in character’, so you don’t want to look like it is just make-up. You want it to look more real and to appear more convincing. But even before buying the palettes, you should always plan ahead. Before shelling out money, make sure you have the complete idea pictured in your mind, or better yet, try to sketch or grab pictures from the Internet. Knowing what you want and need would surely save you a few bucks. Below we provide pictures to illustrate different make-up ideas which are suitable for Halloween.

Some commonly make-up ideas you may want to consider includes devils, gothics, witches, vampires, zombies, and fairies. But this does not limit you of course. You have a whole lot of choices, it’s up to you to decide what character you’d like to portray. Just play with color contrasts, be sure to make distinct lines, and highlight the colors or parts of the face that your character needs.

Also keep in mind that before applying any make-up, consider your skin’s sensitivity. Always test the product days or even weeks before the event so you would properly gauge if it would have a bad effect on you. You don’t want allergy attacks to ruin your night. Before applying the make-up, make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly, apply a moisturizer not just to ensure that your make-up will lasts but it would also save your skin from harm. Apply a concealer and/or foundation to even out your skin tone. After the party, always keep in mind to remove the make-up completely, cleanse the face, and moisturize again. These are just basic friendly reminders you may want to take note, because yes, you may be the most alluring vampire or witch or fairy on that event, but I bet you don’t want your face to suffer after removing these paints and be an ugly duckling the rest of your life.

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