Bloody zipper halloween make up

If you have decided to wear a bloody unzipped mask for Halloween this year, don’t go out and buy an expensive premade one, making one is easy!


Things You Will Need:

  • Zipper
  • Liquid latex
  • Liquid makeup and powder
  • Red liquid latex
  • Pink liquid latex
  • Fake blood

1. Take the liquid latex and apply it liberally from the top of your hairline, down both sides of your nose and cheeks, to just under your neck.
2. Apply the zipper starting from your hairline pressing lightly following the latex trail. Leave it loose so that you can get the fake blood under it later.
3. Take the liquid makeup and cover the latex that is left over, and then put the powder makeup on top of that. It doesn’t have to be perfect and can look like bruising if you want.
4. Apply the red liquid latex to the chin, lips, and bottom half of your face.
5. Take the pink liquid latex and apply in spots over the red liquid latex, this gives the flesh like appearance, as if parts of your face are showing through the blood.
6. Tug on the flesh colored latex to provide small tears in your skin.
7. Add fake blood by painting the entire bottom part of the face, making sure to get under the zipper with a darker color so that it looks like you are bleeding.
8. Put on your wig and go scare your friends.

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