How to make your own halloween mask from latex?

Wearing a decorative or bloodcurdling mask can be fun, especially if your passion revolves around this field. A small number of mask collectors and users want to fabricate their personal customized latex masks. They reach the point where they desire to produce their individual raw materials needed for fabrication of these masks. Information about the procedure is pretty much limited but still possible to find. This article will tackle about how to prepare the latex for making your own halloween mask.

Mask making comprises five stages of development. The first one is a fabrication of the negative form of the mask. This serves as the mold where the latex will be put to prepare it for a Halloween mask. The second stage consists of loading the natural latex rubber into the mold with a mixture of vulcanization agents. This process allows the latex to turn into durable material, in short, solidifies the latex rubber. Mr. Alfredo Garcia suggested that a vulcanizing agent such as zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate would be preferable to use. He owned the patent for this mask making procedure but failed to pay the fees. This chemical does not cause allergic reactions in human skin nor containing harmful carcinogens. Vulcanization may take up to several hours to complete the process until the sheet of latex formed needed breadth. Subsequently, the third step would include the exclusion of excess latex solutions from the mold. This will allow the latex to desiccate fast. The fourth stage will be drying the sheet attached to the mold by applying heat up to 90°C. This will also take several hours until the sheet fully dried up. The last stage comprises the separation of the mask from the mold to apply final touches. Designing and cutting of holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth will exhibit the complete outcome of the project. People gain satisfaction for wearing masquerades and other disguises. Moreover, creating your own Halloween mask will be cooler than just buying it from stores.

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