Halloween Masks – Our Top 10 for the 2015 season

For Halloween 2015, there are available yet again a huge number of new horror masks, so anyone looking to buy one can choose from a large variety of masks. In this article i have listed my personal favorites for this year. All masks that are shown are wearable and can of course be combined with any creepy halloween costume.

10.) One can only guess what kind of zombie hides behind this mask, kind of spooky.


9.) The jaw of this unhealthy looking mutant just dropped down. Anyone looking for a disgusting halloween mask might be well served with this one.


8.) This mask depicting a vampire with mohawk haircut will surely make you look bloody-minded and dangerous. An excellent mask.


7.)There are many horror clown masks, but this one is something special. The emo clown mask captivates by the rouged face and the gory flesh wounds.


6.) Dressing up as Dracula is to boring for you ? Take a closer look at this zombie maskwith its distinctive fangs.


5.) Masked with this horrormask will enable you to shock anyone. The haemorrhaging eyes and the wide opened mouth will not fail to impress.


4.) Using a devil costume is always popular for halloween. To impress with such a costume, using a devils mask might be a good idea. This devil mask with horns and split tongue is simply perfect.


3.) Do you intent to dress up as mutant ? Then this mutant mask might be something suitable for you. You are sure to turn heads with this mask, which is painted to great detail, with its right side looking like it just got hit with a huge shotgun.


2.) Halloween masks don’t necessarily always have to be vampires or demons, as this piece of art demonstrates. This zombie mask will surely turn heads.


1.) This year, our favourite mask is a horror clown mask painted in a very detailed way, especially in regards to the splattered blood. The idea of creating a mask of a clown obsessed with a demon is striking.


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