Horror masks for Halloween

What’s Halloween without horror masks? A halloween party seems incomplete with the absence of people wearing these freaky masks – it might make the event look like it’s just a plain costume party. It is said that the idea of wearing masks started during the ancient times, when Celts believe that on the night of Halloween, spirits and ghosts would rise from death and wander around. And since the primeval people are afraid that the lurking spirits would recognize that they are human, they thought of disguising through wearing masks and costumes.

Traditionally, masks can be made up from varied types of materials such as paper, clay, plastic, latex, and silicone. The most popular options are latex and silicone because the masks made from these materials are realistic. Of these two options, latex masks are more economical – no wonder why it has been the top choice of the mask-buyers. Aside from being cheaper, it is also easy to use, easy to take on and off, and often allows the wearer a breathing space. A silicone mask, on the other hand, is more realistic because it moves better with your face and it fits very tight. However, it is also the most expensive among all type of masks which would can cost you roughly $500 to $2500 on average. It also requires better care in handling because it is prone to rips and scratches. In addition, you will sweat more with silicone masks, since it is very tight and your face won’t have some breathing space.

But if you have a creative hand, why not make your own “do-it-yourself” mask, especially when you are on a tight budget. There are a lot of inexpensive materials you can use to produce a scary mask – the most popular is aper mache which you can produce by yourself with the use of newspapers. Not only can you save some of your hard-earned money, you can also make it as a fun activity with your kids or parents or friends in preparation of halloween.

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