Michael Myers Mask and Costume

Thinking of a creepy costume this Halloween? There are a lot of Halloween icons you can choose from. How about trying the infamous Michael Myers’ mask? Known for being the mass murderer in John Carpenter’s Halloween saga, Michael Myers was first referred as “The Shape” in the first two films. Myers first appeared to be a young six-year-old boy of Haddonfield, Illinois, who murdered his own elder sister during Halloween and was rehabilitated in the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. After 15 years, he was able to escape to stalk a teenage babysitter (in the second installment of the film it is actually getting revealed that the girl he stalks is actually his younger sister).

The classic mask worn by this mass murderer icon is a modified William Shatner’s Captain Kirk mask. Due to budget constraints, the filmmakers tried to conserve their available resources by choosing the cheapest mask they could avail and modified it through painting the face white, enhancing the hair and reshaping the eye holes to make it look wider. Nevertheless, the little budget they had didn’t prevent them in making such a good scary film that left the audience to crave for more, thus the birth of the numerous film sequels, which were portrayed by numerous actors. Not only did it prove its success to the movie industry, it also found its place in literature and gaming industry.

Hence, if you’re looking for a top seller Halloween costume, then a Michael Myers mask is something you can consider. You can buy a mask in the market which typically includes the hair, so you don’t need to purchase a wig anymore. You can enhance the mask as you wish. As for the suit, you can wear something black and just bring a false knife to achieve a scarier look.

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