My halloween mask is way too large – what can i do?

So, you bought that really scary halloween mask and all in all you are very happy with its appearance – the only issue you have with your mask is that it is simply too large for your head and doesn’t seem to fit right? There is a relatively easy and inexpensive solution for your problem. You will need at least one sponge and glue suited for the material of your mask, which is often latex rubber. Now, you will have to identify any areas on the inside of the mask that do not have contact with the corresponding area of your head. If you did so, you can fill these spaces by simply glueing suiting pieces of the sponge onto the inside of your mask. If you are unsure about where to place them, you might try the correct positioning by using double-faced adhesive tape before attaching the sponge permanently. To get a better idea of this approach, please take a look at the pictures provided below.

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