Jordu Schell – Excellent Sculptor and Mask-Maker

Want to know the man behind the character designs that were used in the most talked about movies such as Avatar, Hell Boy, Prince Caspian, DragonBall Evolution, Scary Movie 3, and The Mist? These are just some of the few well known movies where the American concept artist Jordu Schell laid his hands on. Being more than 20 years in the industry, Schell has already established a name in the film, television, and even in video games industry as a concept designer. He is an excellent sculptor – he works with clays to produce mask, maquettes, full-blown sculptures, creature designs, and prototypes that are mostly used for film concept design.

In 2005, he was asked by James Cameron, director of Avatar to be a part of the movie’s concept design team. He was tasked to create designs using 3D programs. But later on, feeling frustrated about the task, he decided to leave the project since his real forte is actual sculpture using clay. However, Cameron, being not satisfied with the work of the guy doing the 3D program, summoned Schell back to the project just a few months after he left. Cameron believed the 3D guy wasn’t capturing what he really wants so he agreed with Schell to do actual sculpture.

He begun the work by doing the maquette of the main character of Avatar named Neytiri. After viewing, Jim positively responded and felt that this was exactly the character he had in his mind. Consequently, Schell made the designs of every character in the movie. Jordu owns his own studio (Schell Studios) which offers America’s finest creature and character designs. You can check it out online. He also offers classes and trainings which are taught by none other than Jordu himself, in case you always wanted to create your own horror mask and want to learn from one of the best.

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