My halloween mask is way too large – what can i do?

So, you bought that really scary halloween mask and all in all you are very happy with its appearance – the only issue you have with your mask is that it is simply too large for your head and doesn’t seem to fit right? There is a relatively easy and inexpensive solution for your problem. You will need at least one sponge and glue suited for the material of your mask, which is often latex rubber. Now, you will have to identify any areas on the inside of the mask that do not have contact with the corresponding area of your head. If you did so, you can fill these spaces by simply glueing suiting pieces of the sponge onto the inside of your mask. If you are unsure about where to place them, you might try the correct positioning by using double-faced adhesive tape before attaching the sponge permanently. To get a better idea of this approach, please take a look at the pictures provided below.

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Michael Myers Mask and Costume

Thinking of a creepy costume this Halloween? There are a lot of Halloween icons you can choose from. How about trying the infamous Michael Myers’ mask? Known for being the mass murderer in John Carpenter’s Halloween saga, Michael Myers was first referred as “The Shape” in the first two films. Myers first appeared to be a young six-year-old boy of Haddonfield, Illinois, who murdered his own elder sister during Halloween and was rehabilitated in the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. After 15 years, he was able to escape to stalk a teenage babysitter (in the second installment of the film it is actually getting revealed that the girl he stalks is actually his younger sister).

The classic mask worn by this mass murderer icon is a modified William Shatner’s Captain Kirk mask. Due to budget constraints, the filmmakers tried to conserve their available resources by choosing the cheapest mask they could avail and modified it through painting the face white, enhancing the hair and reshaping the eye holes to make it look wider. Nevertheless, the little budget they had didn’t prevent them in making such a good scary film that left the audience to crave for more, thus the birth of the numerous film sequels, which were portrayed by numerous actors. Not only did it prove its success to the movie industry, it also found its place in literature and gaming industry.
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Chucky – Mask of the famous horror-movie character

Who could ever forget the legendary possessed doll – Chucky – who starred on the Child’s Play film series way back 1980s? A doll that undoubtedly became an icon of horror movies, Chucky, a Good Guy doll, was possessed by a psychotic serial killer and voodoo practitioner named Charles Lee Ray when he hid himself in a toy store after being badly wounded from a police force encounter. On a side note, the name Charles Lee Ray was derived from real life serial killers namely Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

Anyway, back to the movie, after Charles had done the rituals, lightning immediately struck the toy store, set it on fire and consequently burned the whole store to the ground, the only thing left is a Good Guy doll which Charles had successfully transferred his soul into. This toy was given to a boy, and so begins the haunting and killings. Being a classic horror movie character, you could never go wrong in choosing Chucky as your character on a Halloween event. You would be easily recognized and a realistic costume may even cause goose bumps to fellow guests. There are a lot of Chucky masks and costumes you can easily buy in the market that might even come along with a bloody axe. You can also do it yourself by using prosthetics, copying up Chucky’s hair, and wearing multi-colored stripe shirt topped with blue jumpsuit.
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How to make a horror mask out of latex

Anyone wishing to produce his own halloween or horror mask and doesn’t know how a mask is made will usually have a hard time finding the information needed therefor in one place. As there are lots of things to take care of to make a proper mask, missing important pieces information can easily lead to disappointment. The knowledge needed ranges from info on how to make the cast or subsequently the mold for the mask and what material to use for them to the choice of the type of latex to be used and the type of paint that is best suited for this kind of application. Most of these questions get answered in a tutorial created by Arnold Goldman, which is linked to below:
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Next generation of horror masks on the way

Businesses need to improve their products constantly to gain or preserve an edge over their competitors. In the context of horror masks this ain’t different. While browsing through some patent application we found a patent filed by Donald J. Post that might improve the look and feel of horror masks greatly (on a sidenote: if anyone out there happens to know if this Donald Post is in some way affiliated to the famous Don Post, founder of the Don Post Studios and one of the pioneers of selling halloween and fancy dress masks, e.g. for the Halloween and Star Wars movies, please drop us a line).
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Jason Vorhees Hockey Mask and Costume

Are you one of the people who developed a “paraskavedekatriaphobia” or what they call the fear of Friday the 13th? Do you belong to the group who dreads or avoid normal routines during this day? Up until today, many of us still believe the 13th day that falls on a Friday would bring us nothing other than misfortunes.

Being a popular superstition among many cultures, it was used as a title of a blockbuster movie series starring the villainous Jason Voorhess in most of the installments of the film. At first, it was not Jason who’s the main culprit of the killings. It was his mother who seeks revenge for his death because he was believed to be drowned to death at Camp Crystal Lake. During the debut film, Jason just appeared on his mother’s memories and as a hallucination to Alice, the main protagonist of the film. It was during the second film onwards that Jason had appeared as the leading antagonist of the film, this time, seeking revenge to his mother’s death from the hands of Alice. During the second series of the movie, he only wears a bag to cover his head every time he kills. During the third part, he killed victims without anonymity. From one of his victims, he took a hockey mask. And from then on, he used it to cover his face when he murders – which is the most recognized image of Jason Vorhees today.

What sets apart Jason from other horror icons is that he doesn’t have a consistent over-all look. In the first film, he just used dark shirt and pants with a jacket. In some other films, he has a look of a high school boy wearing a sweatshirt, and for the other subsequent films, you’d see him wearing jumpsuit, etc. As mentioned earlier, the distinct feature of Jason was his infamous hockey mask. Thus, if you’re thinking of Jason as your character for Halloween, then this won’t cause you much of a problem. You can just purchase a Jason hockey mask and then dress as you wish.
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